I UK [bæŋ] / US verb
Word forms "bang":
present tense I/you/we/they bang he/she/it bangs present participle banging past tense banged past participle banged
1) [intransitive/transitive] to hit something hard, making a loud noise

I banged on the window to get her attention.

We could hear them banging their drums in the next street.

bang something on/against something:

She banged her fists on the back of his seat.

a) [intransitive/transitive] to close with a lot of force, or to close something with a lot of force, making a loud noise

Don't bang the door!

I heard her car door bang shut.

b) [intransitive] to move, making loud noises

There was a shutter banging in the wind.

bang around/away/across:

Who's that banging around upstairs?

c) [transitive] to put something somewhere with a lot of force, making a loud noise
bang something on something:

Sam banged his beer glass on the table.

bang something down:

Kathy yelled and then banged the phone down.

bang something around:

He banged his tools around angrily.

2) [intransitive/transitive] to knock a part of your body against something when you are moving, especially because you are not looking where you are going
bang something on something:

Be careful not to bang your head on that beam.

bang into:

She banged into the table and hurt her knee.

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [bæŋ] / US noun [countable]
Word forms "bang":
singular bang plural bangs
1) a short loud noise, for example the sound of a door closing with a lot of force. If something goes bang, it makes a noise like this

There was a loud bang as the shelf hit the floor.

We could hear the bang of a door in the basement.

Adjectives frequently used with bang
▪  almighty, enormous, huge, loud, terrific, tremendous
2) a knock or hit on a part of your body

She got a nasty bang on the back of her head.


III UK [bæŋ] / US adverb British informal
used for emphasizing that something is exactly in a particular position or that it happens at exactly a particular time

They'd parked their car bang outside my gate.

a small town, bang in the middle of Australia

IV UK [bæŋ] / US interjection
1) used especially by children for representing the sound made by a gun
2) used for showing that something happens very quickly or suddenly

One minute he was there and then, bang, I was alone.

English dictionary. 2014.

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